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Haha, I used to have this posted up in my old office. A friend of mine printed it out and gave it to me. Thanks again Dave! :P

Even batman is telling me to get going on my art/writing ideas! All I can say is yes sir batman sir!

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern.

Actual quote from Justice League: War (from the DC Animated Universe). Fantastic movie, and the banter between Green Lantern and Batman is great! (also the animation is closer to that of the New 52 style).

YES! - Beaker: Muppet X-Men

With Disney owning both The Muppets & X-Men it's within the realms of possibility. It would truely awesome! Which Muppets would you pick to play which X-Men?

Постеры к самым популярным сериям "Чёрное зеркало" от Билли Бутчера black mirror, черное зеркало, buthcer billy, батчер билли, постер, длиннопост

British TV series Black Mirror becomes an old school comic in this illustrated poster series from artist Billy Butcher.

Different people have different criteria for classifying a watch as a luxury watch. These days luxury watches are not the ones which allow the user to only

Blanchett, Blunt, Xun, McGregor, Waltz - IWC Schaffhausen - A Sparkle to the Wrist - Portofino Midsize Collection

The Avengers give Peter Parker a haircut.  Can't decide between...well, actually they're all awesome!

Avengers Hair Cut

When the Avengers give Spidey a haircut - as much as I loved this, I wish they would have included Loki's version of cutting hair.that would have been interesting< DEADPOOL ahahaha

Christian Bale as Mr. Wayne/Batman/Dark Knight

Tom Hardy as Bane and Christian Bale as Batman hug it out - The Dark Knight Rises

Nathan Fillion as Leonardo da Vinci Perfect Man

Nathan Fillion Is the Perfect Man (Even da Vinci Knew!)

Taking its inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Vitruvian Man and Fillion’s famed role of Capt. Mal Reynolds on Joss Whedon’s beloved-but-short-lived sci-fi series Firefly.

Pinning this because it's cute and also because Bruce's shirt has a flower on it :))

-Science Bros Ask 36 (Cap 2 Spoilers) by ecokitty- Aaaaaawwwwwwww!