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DIY maternity clothes - I'll definitely do the "no sew nursing top", but even some of the ones that actually require, like, thread and stuff don't look TOO scary...


#Jean #Skirt #Makeover #Upcycle (I am really liking this.....maybe not cut write so high:)

Best Parenting Hacks mom made us hold hands! This is another great way to get kids to stop arguing


Brownie in a Cup ~ Wipe the outside of the cup with rubbing alcohol. Use an oil based Sharpie paint marker, then write the instructions onto the cup. Let the Sharpie dry completely for 24 hours. Place your cup in a cold oven, then bake at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. Crack your oven door and let the cup cool down with the oven to prevent cracking. This would be great as a gift, add the dry ingredients and wrap.

Cutlery Pockets Tutorial {Handmade Christmas} (Samelia's Mum : Quilting, Crafting & Cake)

Welcome to the next instalment of my my Handmade Christmas series. Festive Cutlery Pockets! Super cute and easy to make.     What you need: A. (2) 4 1/2” x 10 1/2” print fabrics (background) B. (1) 4

22 Ideas for How To Make Maternity Clothes

11 Ideas for How To Make MATERNITY CLOTHES: With these 11 ideas, you can learn how to make maternity clothes in no time. Save time, money and the extra stress of shopping - once you know how to sew maternity clothes, you can create the wardrobe that best fits your needs (and comfort level!). Maternity clothes can be frumpy and unflattering, but with these projects you can create trendy maternity clothes so dont have to ditch your fashion sense during your pregnancy. free-sewing-patterns-t