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    This is a Lysol Ad... WOOOOW! The Outrageously Sexist Ads Of The Mad Men Era That Some Companies Wish We'd Forget

  • Telly Hartmann

    Very Sexist Ads from the #funny commercial ads #commercial ads #interesting ads #funny commercial #funny ads

  • GL

    Offensive retro ads : The "Mad Men" era of advertising

  • Laura J.

    22 Vintage Ads Designed To Keep Women In Their Place... Lysol douche???? Really???

  • Karen Chapman

    WHAAATTTT???? Lysol was used for contraceptive? This branding move by Lysol was one of the most devious marketing ploys in advertising history. At the time, female contraceptives were mostly illegal and not readily available. So Lysol moved into the very lucrative void and became the #1 selling feminine hygiene product.

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Yesterday sucked. So glad Shawn stayed home today to take care of the kids. I feel like death.

Pear's Soap i have this exact print!

...and then they do the Thorazine Shuffle, the dance craze of the 60s...

Always make sure of feminine daintiness...douche regularly with "Lysol"! WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL?

They do?? Really?? False advertising at its best!! lol Still, too much 'picking' (blaming) women...revealed in recent (2012) GOP political propaganda!

Chiquita - advertising from a time we were a bit more naive and innocent. I don't think the art director was so innocent. this is quite a contrived angle! Maybe no one noticed... Hmmm

Gain 10 to 25 pounds - Funny old ad for ironized yeast advertising that thousands gain 10 to 25 pounds with it the easy way. How do you look in your bathing suit?

Retro advertising | Vintage Illustration | #Vintage #Ads

RCA victor Locked in tone eyewitness pictures Simplified automatic tuning Smartly designed cabinet Phono Jack (record changer)

TanFASTic ad from 1959. Illus. by John Larrecq.

Yellow, white: vintage advertising, camay soap

Is your job a bad fit for you? A German online recruitment agency aimed to break people out and help find their perfect job through this advertising campaign., a German online recruiter, ran these ads. The agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin, came up with the slogan, “Life’s too short for the wrong job”, and concept of the campaign, using the idea that there are people behind these machines that are awkwardly hard at work in cramped spaces.