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Gotta have crazy friends! So much fun!

do u?

fr pls stop

"Harry Potter" + "Mean Girls" = The Best Memes Ever

Whenever someone says they did something, “Like a Boss”, I assume that means they didn’t do anything at all and are just taking the credit for it. | Snarkecards


The best make up…I am dying right now.hahaha

Paramedic humor. Ride or die

Magical Disney Snapchats...

More Free funny Ecards about birthday cakes, friendship, work and current events.

Not even gonna lie lol

ER Hires 'Dilaudid Nazi' to Dispense (or not) Dispense Narcotics - - #Dilaudid, #Soup_Nazi

Sad but true

Nurse humor...

Ugh, yes!

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Sometimes you feel bad because people are so blown away by how flawless you actually are.

So many people live in their own little fantasy world... but the truth always comes out... and everyone will see you for who you really are :)

While Etsy has plenty of pillows and wall hangings cross-stitched with innocent cats and flowers, we also found some with much more sass.

Before calling me, ask yourself "Is this textable?"

Not my circus, not my monkeys. I heard this polish saying recently and I love it! It means "not my fucking problem." Lol.

This is why nobody ever wants to go to the movies with me