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Confessions of a Nurse...this was this morning! :/ they come! I think no transfers should happen between 6and8 am/pm. we need to get finished up and next shift needs to get report and have a second to get started.

nursing :) I love and believe in you Hay Mel...say a prayer before ea nursing clinical and ea give them unconditional...nonjudgementand therapeautic your mother did before you.-KJM Oct 2014

Why yes I do marathons... Called the 12.5+hour nursing shift run thrice weekly.

Oh great - just what you want to hear as you get the needle ready!

For all the Nurses who have had to disimpact a Patient. YES you are going to Heaven. Samantha @This Home Sweet Home Blog rosario is this YOU!!!

this is very true in my case, I was staying over night after having my thyroid removed and experienced a blood clot around 1am. the on staff doctor insisted I would be fine and tried to brush me off while the nurse called my surgeon herself to get him to come back in for another surgery.

OMG! soooo...... true. this junk really happens people!! #Nurse #Nursing #nurseproblems

YES I do. We had one wanderer pull the code alarm in her own before we could get to her room just because it was a bright button ...

Dorothy and Alice sharing stories. I can relate to this feeling. There are times we all have stories we want to tell that are simply beyond words or nobody would believe anyway. Ever say to yourself, "I need to write a book."?

Cap is very similar to ours at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Philadelphia. Ours didn't puff up as much in front and had 4 pleats making a pretty ruffle at the bottom in back.

Check our her hat and his cigarette. Wow how times have changed---Thank goodness-lol