Ore Originals Urban Country Pet Bowls

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Pigeon Grey Prep Set by Falcon Enamelware. I'd love to get rid of all my random sized mixing bowls and get an easy stacking set like this.


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Copper Cook's Tools

Universal Expert Wooden Cookbook Stand #westelm

Bedrooms without closets that need hanging storage - Garment Rack | west elm

Amanda Bowls .... Just looking at them makes me happy!


West Elm S&P

Pet Food Cabinet

Put dog bowls in planters for a nicer look on the patio.

Black and white prints. These Mid-Century Stamp Bowls are hand stamped with four separate patterns and just the right size to serve up anything, from cereal to soup. Set of 4.

Enamelware plates, white with grey rim - casual enough for everyday use, elegant enough for entertaining