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  • Elisa DiGiacomo

    Boost your immune system with REAL FOOD. At-Home Flu Shots #realfood #immunehealth #flushot

  • ╭⊰🌺 Bren 🌺⊱╮

    At-Home Flu Shot Recipes: These six shots are made up of real food ingredients that boost your body’s immune system to naturally ward off colds and flus. 1. “Apple Cider Slammer” 2. “Green Machine” 3. “Cod Liver Kiss” 4. “Blueberry Blast” 5. “Carrot Kicker” 6. “Lemon & Ginger Drop”

  • Courtney Hayden

    At Home Flu Shots. I'm always curious about these home remedies.

  • Kim Johnston

    Healthy Body

  • Adriana

    At home "flu shots." Drinks made from wholesome, organic foods that boost your immune system without aluminum and mercury dissolving the myelin sheath around your nerves.

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At Home Flu Shots... Lemon Ginger Drop, Apple Cider Slammer, Green Machine, Cod Liver Kiss, Blueberry Blast, Carrot Kicker

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Ingredients 6 fresh lemons 1 bulb garlic 2 tsp ground ginger root 2 Tbsp honey 3 c pineapple juice 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

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