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Lavender Hens dilly dilly

Thanks so much for your kind words about Ramona Rickettes. Your sentiments help us get through rough spots and we appreciate it. Today, I bring another chicken update. Over the past month, we have ...
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Faverolles Salmon - for next year

Casa Des Pollos Sign 9” x 12” Sun Yellow

Chicken coop repurposed from an old dresser found on the curb. Remove drawers, moderate saw work, scrap porch screen, chicken wire, a few nails / staples, wood glue, etc. Approximately $20 - $25 in materials.

Sicilian Buttercups hen -- next year!

for disinfecting coop

hatchery where we got Speckled Sussex-Chicken (pullets)



Building The Garden Coop Larger – Marty's Texas Chicken Coop ::: Coop Thoughts Blog

Ceramic Chicken Feeder size Large by RockBottomPottery on Etsy, $132.00

Fresh Eggs Daily®: The Down and Dirty on Feeding Clover to your Chickens

I love this idea and you can get free buckets from your local grocery store.

speckled sussex

Barnevelder -- dark eggs

Organic Grain-Free Livestock Feed wheat free

GF chicken feed

high altitude hatching

garden coop

Bosque Farms: De Smet Dairy Farms, Michael De Smet, Owner, 2405 McNew Road, Bosque Farms NM 87068, phone: 505-916-0475, email: desmetdairyfa...

rabbit hutch = broody breaker

Enchanted Fairy-Tale Home

Duplex | 21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

Railroad Style | 21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops