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Here's a great way to recycle: repurpose a pine floor joist from a 19th-century house as the perfect swing for your yard. Handmade in Pennsylvania, the tree swing encourages kids and the young at heart to let loose and have a little fun in the outdoors. The seat is finished with natural tung oil, and each side comes with 25 feet of manila rope with a 695-pound tension limit. Expect a lot of squeals and laughter with this in your yard! Available at

Homemade Chicken Feeder

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Dream chicken coop.

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Five Things No One Tells You About Chickens | The Lazy Homesteader (chickens dig deep holes.)

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Grazing frames for chickens in small spaces. Tutorial. "Your chickens can snack on the green tips, and the frame protects the roots so that the grass survives to grow another day."

Ideal Breeds for Backyard Chickens- something to possibly consider in the future...

One of the best DIY coops (with photos and instructions) that I've found. Can't wait to build one!

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DIY Feeder and waterer. Buckets, water jugs, and PVC.

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