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    Chickens Drinking from Nipple Waterer --

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    DIY Chicken Nipple Waterer instructions

    The Advantages of Poultry Nipple Waterers & The Chicken Fountain in particular

    How to Build Chicken Waterer with PVC and Nipple Feeders

    Chicken bucket waterer..A poop-free chicken waterer for just a few bucks using a bucket and a .50 cent water dripping nipple.

    The Chicken Chick®: Chicken Nipple Waterer DIY Instructions- Clean Water is Always a Tap Away

    chicken coop!

    The Chicken Fountain- poultry nipple waterers are a cleaner, healthier watering system for chickens


    Chicken love!

    Backyard chickens:)

    DIY Captured-Rainwater Chicken Coop Drinking Station. wish the pics were still on the link. but I get the idea. Lots of screen filtering and using chicken nipples on the pvc. and bleach monthly to keep it less moldy.

    To date, our favorite chicken waterer is a five-gallon bucket with several nipples attached to the bottom. Think hamster waterer, but larger and with more places to drink from. There is no water waste at all with this method,  so refilling the bucket is not an everyday occurrence. When we used our previous watering system, …

    CHICKENS AND HAWKS OH MY!!!!!GREAT info and ideas on KEEPING HAWKS away!

    Chickens are so cool

    Getting Started With Backyard Chickens-- lots of good info plus diagram for a coop and chicken run

    chicken coop!

    Info on olive eggers .

    Chicken medicine chest list. This blog has a lot of info about how to treat sick chickens.

    Guide to keeping chickens—egg colors based on breed. Good info for beginners!