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The Chicken Chick: Chicken Nipple Waterer DIY Instructions/ DIY cookie tin bowl heater

The Advantages of Poultry Nipple Waterers & The Chicken Fountain in particular

How to Build Chicken Waterer with PVC and Nipple Feeders (combine with self-filling waterer for the least mess and maintenance).

Simple chicken nipple waterer for a chick brooder.

Okay, so this isn't really an innovative waterer, but don't you just want to move into these chickens' home?

Chicken Coop Waterer Bucket - good info in the comments too.

The Chicken Fountain- poultry nipple waterers are a cleaner, healthier watering system for chickens

awesome chicken waterers - and you can keep them refrigerated in the summer to give cool water

We raised our girls on real food, and they loved everything I tried with them except for yogurt (go figure). At six weeks old, I introduced them to commercial grower feed. They didn't like it. While I found that to be somewhat annoying, I was very proud them them for knowing the difference between "real food" and manufactured food-like substances.

DIY Captured-Rainwater Chicken Coop Drinking Station. wish the pics were still on the link. but I get the idea. Lots of screen filtering and using chicken nipples on the pvc. and bleach monthly to keep it less moldy.

Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol