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The Prairie Homesteadfrom The Prairie Homestead

What NOT to Feed Chickens

what not to feed chickens: Avocado pit/peel, chocolate, citrus, green potato peels, dry beans, junk food, moldy or rotten foods

Homemade Chicken Feed Recipes: Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Fermented, Sprouted | Whistle Pig Hollow

Getting Started with Allergy Safe Chickens (Soy, Corn, Grain Free!) « hopecentric

Attainable Sustainablefrom Attainable Sustainable

Grow Your Own Chicken Feed - Organic

Save money on feeding chickens by planting these garden crops to supplement their feed.

The Chicken Chickfrom The Chicken Chick

Re-purposed Chicken Feed Bags

Uses for Chicken Feed Bags!

What a brilliant feed bin idea!!! No scrapping around and wasted feed on the floor and the feed would be kept dry in the rain (Ps not my photo)