Foods That Cross-React with Gluten

How the gluten autoimmune connection hurts your thyroid- definitely worth a read for anyone suffering from thyroid issues. Very eye opening!!/OneDoterraCommunity

45 Cosmetic ingredients to avoid if you're gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease

The 5 Most Common Gluten-Free Diet Mistakes

Recent research has demonstrated that patients with gluten sensitivity may also react to the glutens in corn and rice.

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Cooked author Michael Pollan explained how natural elements revolutionized cooking. A sauerkraut recipe for The Chew crew uses microbial cooking.

Are you allergic to ragweed or grass? How about gluten or peanuts? Check to make sure your common foods are not cross reacting with your allergens! -

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Food sensitivity elimination diet

MORE Gluten-Free Traveling TIPS and Recipe IDEAS Coming Soon! Looking for an easy way to travel when you are gluten-free? I hear ya. There is gluten everywhere from the airport to the rest stop and it's important to know what to have on hand just in case your tummy starts rumbling and you are in

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What Are the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet?

There are a number of naturally gluten-free foods such as cheese, chocolate and coffee that contain proteins so similar to gluten that your body confuses them for gluten. When you eat these foods your body and immune system react as if you just ate a bowl of whole-wheat pasta.

Possible symptoms of gluten intolerance

10 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance with information on how to test and advice on treatment. By Dr. Amy Myers...

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