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when building for your birds, don't forget the dust box. If you don't they will dig up plants--trust me on this!

Clever DIY idea for keeping track of fresh, backyard egg age - looks easy to make your own version. #BackyardChickens

Peanut Head read on the internet that chickens need to be trained to lay their eggs in the nesting boxes and not where they poop. Which is, obviously, everywhere. So, apparently golf balls are going to trick them into not pooping in their nesting boxes.

Grow vines or wiesteria over chicken run for shade & safety from hawks. Why didn't I think of this? This spring we'll find out how easy it is or isn't to transplant grape vine.

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How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies

Flies in the chicken coop are a common problem. We found two easy and cheap solutions to get rid of them for good.


An inspiringly clean chicken coop

Clean coop tips.

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How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Coop Keep your chooks safe from predatory animals and get free eggs in return with this chicken coop you can build right in your backyard.

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