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  • Daisy Johnson

    Vitex, Texas Lilac, or Chaste Tree - Texas SuperStar wish list

  • Judy *

    PLANTanswers: Plant Answers > Texas Lilac Vitex * The Next Mega-Superstar Plant for Texas

  • Kara Kriegshauser

    Purple Vitex - front yard planter

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  • Laura Sisneros

    I pour my left over bottled water on them not strong light from window or direct sun if out doors

  • Mia Irby

    Awesome...thanks for your help! Definitely going to give these a go. I'm usually pretty terrible with keeping indoor plants alive, so hopefully these are low maintenance and flourish from lack of care?!

  • Kay Cox

    They have these in vases on the tables at MAKE Raw Restaurant in Santa Monica, I love em- want one or two or three:)

  • Hazel Greenfield

    Love them, have them on a drift wood branch over my bird bath. Hoping they have babies soon.

  • Angela Coan

    killed mine :(

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Adding yarrow to your garden gives it a great "wildflower" feel. Learn more about yarrow here:

  • Lise W

    Not yarrow! Yeah give it the wildflower feeling but leave the yarrow at the garden center. Took me three years to get rid of the plants!

  • Marty Petersen

    Don't you wish they would put warning labels on plants like these!!

  • Mel Crawf

    So funny that yarrow is invasive for some; I can barely keep it alive in my Chicago clay. :)

  • Rudell Hegnes

    I live in the northwest, no problem for me!

Eastern Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) – Drought tolerant native that is a butterfly magnet. Profuse blooms spring through summer. Elongated stems with soft lavender petals attached to an iridescent cone. It prefers full sun to partial shade in well draining fertile soils. 2-5 feet tall. Perfect for cut flowers, lasting about a week. NATIVE. Outstanding performer in the garden.

Top 10 drought tolerant plants for your home.

House plant tips- 2 that won't die: philodendron and snake plant

  • Caprice Westergard

    I bought a snake plant for one of my sons, who has no idea how to care for indoor or outdoor plants and the plant is thriving! My son is interested in keeping the plant healthy etc. A good starter plant.

  • Muriel Godin

    Just received a snake plant as a gift.This is a good one to have info so fast.THANKS>

  • L Meredith Harris-Johnson

    So easy to care for. But, don't totally neglect it!!!!!!!!!

  • shelley

    Hey Cool, I was the same way. Mine are doing quite well too! I wasn't much of a green thumb, last 2 years. so far so good. Never thought of encouragement talk.

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Shaded garden path surrounded by Dogwoods,Hostas, Caladiums , Begonias and Lirope etc...

No longer in the garden, but I loved it. Blackfoot daisy is a sturdy, mounding plant, that will flourish in rock gardens. It is heat and drought tolerant. Good drainage is essential to its success. In late winter, older plants can be cut back halfway to keep them compact. Rich soil and abundant water will likely produce many more flowers in the short-term, but may consequently shorten the lifespan.

Companion Planting Chart | afristar foundation (if you're visual, like me, this is couldn't get better... well maybe just a little)

A slideshow of 12 PLANTS PERFECT FOR their names, descriptions and how large they'll grow.

Place plants with contrasting colors -- hot purples and pinks versus pastel oranges -- in separate areas of a garden. To draw Birds, offer a moving source of water, such as this pretty birdbath. Lovely collection of plants adds beauty to a yard.

a97a48819c98d7460d09175ed193486c.jpg 374×600 pixels

Would love to do this in an area of the garden..checkered ground. So "Alice-in-Wonderland"