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    Polish hen

    gorgeous Blue Cochin hen

    Bearded Buff Laced Polish Frizzle Bantam Hen Picture - Chicken Breed Pictures - Town & Country Magazine

    The Sussex is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed. Hens are excellent producers of large, cream-colored or light-brown eggs that they lay through the coldest winter months. In addition, they are meaty chickens that fatten easily, and their tender, succulent flesh is second to none.

    Caption: This Buff Brahma was a champion at the show where we photographed her.


    Buff Cochin Standard Chicken Hen

    Speckled sussex hen

    speckled sussex

    hatchery where we got Speckled Sussex-Chicken (pullets)

    Faverolles Salmon - for next year

    Chicken brooder

    Boredom Busters for Chickens

    garden coop painted

    tiny coop to build for my babies next year

    Polish Crested Rooster

    Anyone venture to guess why I might be drawn to these crazy looking chickens? The 1980's come to mind...

    embudo organic feed in NM -- buy from Co-Op

    chicken coop with Eglu Go

    Wyandotte - They’re friendly, large, and produce full sized beautiful brown eggs.