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"I need this chicken on our future farm so if I ever feel I'm having a bad hair day, I'll just look at the bird." ~Laura VanMeeteren

Bearded Buff Laced Polish Frizzle Bantam Hen Picture - Chicken Breed Pictures - Town & Country Magazine

The Sussex is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed. Hens are excellent producers of large, cream-colored or light-brown eggs that they lay through the coldest winter months. In addition, they are meaty chickens that fatten easily, and their tender, succulent flesh is second to none.

Buff Cochin Standard Chicken Hen

I was never a fan of chickens. I did however, have a pet chicken named Belle.

Speckled Sussex. "...great layers of tinted or light brown eggs - lay right through the coldest weather...fat-bodied and not prone to flying when mature, so...easily fenced. In England, they used to be THE standard table bird, before the modern Cornish Crosses came along...forage well and are economical eaters...friendly and easily handled...curious nature...camouflage from predators...tend to get more speckles after each molt, so get prettier with age."

Speckled Sussex - This rare and extremely attractive breed originated in Sussex County,England where they became known as prolific layers of medium sized brown eggs. When mature their plumage is a beautiful brownish red with feathers tipped in white. This variety combines beauty and utility which makes them an excellent choice for both a backyard flock as well as a show bird.

The Chicken Chick®: The Broody Breaker- When a Hen's Mood to Hatch Should be Interrupted