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Quick, easy and full of protein! You’ve just been introduced to one of our new favorite go-to breakfasts. These Baked Egg & Ham Tortillas from Maebells are ready in just 15 minutes - including ...

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Easy breakfast idea

Skinny Ms.from Skinny Ms.

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If there’s one dish that hits the spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a frittata. Try this heart healthy recipe. #Food #Health #Recipe

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Ham and egg breakfast quesadillas from Closet Cooking Looking for protein breakfast ideas- think they will benefit my son.

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These deviled avocado eggs are an amazing healthy alternative to traditional deviled eggs.

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Sunday morning breakfast blues? We've got you covered with this delicious crustless quiche using Horizon!

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Spend With Penniesfrom Spend With Pennies

Loaded Mashed Potato Egg Rolls

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Leftover Mashed Potatoes



Halloween Mashed Potatoes

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Loaded Mashed Potato Egg Rolls - Spend With Pennies

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Avocado hummus taquitos are tortillas with hummus, sliced avocado, and shredded cheese rolled into small tubes; and baked until crunchy.


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Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole with Spinach ~ delicious layers of ham, cheese, & spinach with extra flavor punch from a surprise ingredient.

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This Baked Denver Omelet was easy and great for leftovers- I'll be using this again with leftover #Easter ham for sure! Delicious! @Allrecipes

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Sausage & Vegetable Egg Bake

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Pair this easy egg and vegetable bake with a slice of whole grain bread for a filling annd comforting breakfast. @pinterest

The Gunny Sackfrom The Gunny Sack

The Best Ham And Cheese Croissants

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These are the BEST Ham and Cheese Croissants! Quick, easy and so delicious.

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Hash & Eggs! This is an easy, rustic one-dish meal made with ground beef, potatoes, onions and eggs. So simple!


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Eggs in fun to make and delicious with hollandaise sauce on top!

Spend With Penniesfrom Spend With Pennies

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

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Chicken Tortilla Crock Pot

Chicken Black Bean Crock Pot

Slowcooker Enchiladas

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Slow Cooker Enchiladas Recipe. Shredded chicken wrapped in tortillas, smothered in sauce and cooked in the crock pot is the perfect weeknight meal!

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14 Filling Dinners—400 Calories or Less

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14 Filling Dinners—400 Calories or Less!

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Ham and cheese Croissant roll. Simple and easy dinner or breakfast

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Simple Egg Sandwiches ‹ Hello Healthy

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Ham Bacon

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Bread Bowl Breakfast ~ This Egg Dish is incredibly Easy to Make.