great mix of neutral and bright colors.

multi-color chairs add a pop of color

Baby blue couch and bright pillows // colorful living room



colorful living room

Mid-Century Modern interior design by Czech designer & photographer Jan Skàcelik

love colorful details in this room

eclectic aqua

perfect mix living room

pops of color

Colorful /


One of the wonderful things about the "eclectic collector" style is the ability to say yes to any piece of artwork or any accessory that speaks to you. Even if it's a strange color or an interesting combination of textures and patterns, chances are, you'll find a spot for it in an eclectic home.

I could do one room like this!


Yellow couch + citrus fruit shaped pillows, ha. Also, high ceilings and white walls, but a gal can only ask for so much.


Shabby Chic living room interior design vintage cupboard coffee table pastel blue wall color pink sofa colorful pillows