hidden doorway

secret room IN the stairs! I need a secret room somewhere in my house..

A hidden staircase behind a secret door: every home library should have one of these! I would do it with real books on the door, though.


What an extraordinary built-in bookcase! I can only imagine what the rest of this room looks like...

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Hidden books

formal living room

library + secret doors = a must

read your book case

I love doors & books. Doesn't get any better.

bookshelf instead of railing!

LOVE IT!! Secret room! Bookcases mounted on French doors - this is way too cool to forget


Everyone wants a secret room in their house, but I find the old "bookcase door" cliche (and oftentimes too obvious since it is placed *like* a door). I plan on having my secret passage be through a one-way mirror. The person inside the room can look out, and it's more subtle than a bookshelf. The door pictured here is nice as well.