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Brand New Trailer!

DOCTOR WHO New Season Fall 2012 Trailer Series 7 // freaking baby weeping angels, that's going to be terrifying. Honestly, though, I'm so scared of dinosaurs. And those things actually look slightly realistic.

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Trailer BBC One is this real?

Doctor Who: Anniversary Trailer BBC One. In in select theaters? You bet your whovian butt I am excited!

Theory about the Ponds leaving. I know I'm just going to cry my eyes out. #DW

Doctor Who - Series The Angels Take Manhatten Teaser Trailer. The Angels are my favorite! I can't wait to see how the angels conincide with the Ponds leaving.

Day 7 Fav series was season 5 with Matt Smith. I thought i wouldn't like it given how much I loved the 10th, but It was enjoyable and kept me intrigued!!

Day 7 Favorite Season was Season 5 with Matt Smith. I liked the overarching plot and it rebooted the show after massive turnovers marvelously.

IRON MAN 3 - Official Trailer #IronMan #Marvel #Phase2

IRON MAN 3 - Official Trailer #IronMan #Marvel #Phase2

Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" - Teaser

Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" - Teaser

The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer (2013)

The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer - Andrew Will - Sci-Fi Mov.Here goes another so called robot film- That Talk about the "Will" becoming controlled by a machine. The brain becoming programmed like a machine.

I'm gonna go cry now

:'( nooooo so sad. Why Dr. Why must you make me feel so sad that Rose is gone?