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  • Hetty Dawn

    I am so an advocate for gay rights but read this and thought... seriously people this one is so true! What did you think he was going to say?? He lives in the BIBLE BELT

  • Kristy Moser

    Seriously. I mean were people actually surprised by his answer?? And do people honestly think that if a few people boycott them they are going to go under?? Get real people.

  • Ashleigh Hill

    I am suportive of gay marriage, however, I do feel as though this Chickfila situation has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand.

  • Erin Kendrick

    I don't care what he thinks about anything, just make me my chicken sandwich!

  • Kenya Wells

    Some people are so stupid ....

  • Brittany Taylor

    My thoughts exactly. They're closed on Sundays..did people really think they'd be in favor of gay marriage?

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Chick-fil-a...Let it be known that I support gay marriage, but I also support freedom of speech.

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