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The Missing. They matter. Because every one of them lived each and every one of these things..until one day..they just were gone. They matter. And they need to be found.

Motivational - Quotes - words - inspiration -only by the walls you build yourself

I can't handle this photograph - it hurts my eyes from the beauty ♥

So petty but you better believe I'm trying to prove you wrong

Hahaha! :D true! If I could only break my habit of learning how to do new thing...then maybe I could actually start doing more of the things I already know how to do. My conundrum...but watch out if I am on task, as I really like to get them done; just so I can get back to studying the new. :) Damn, infinite loops!

The truth about eating animals pisses people off at first, I know, I was pissed off when Heather Mills told the media that milk was bad for you. AND THEN I became a vegan and all was clear. So, vegans, don't be apologetic or angry at those who mock you. I always say: beware of what you mock, for that is what you will one day become.

True that . . . . I used to work with a night shift manager decades ago who thought he was 'God's gift to Womanhood' so, of course, I HAD to be interested in him, right? Oh how wrong he I learned I had to have comebacks for those jerks who were like him.

Sometimes I need reminded of this...especially today when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Cuando mires a cualquier persona, recuerda que todos tenemos una historia. Cada quién ha pasado por cosas que lo han marcado de algún modo.

"in case you ever foolishly forget, i am never not thinking of you" -virginia wolfe quote