Many, Many ink!

This is amazing!

more people need to get work like this.. body art that is for themselves not others.

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Can you say 3D tattoo! Whoa! #tattoo #body art #3d


miss kō / tattoo

wow! This is AMAZING!

i would never get this but i think this the most amazing artwork i have seen in a while.

LOVE the 3D, this is amazing

WOW! thats amazing!!!!!

55 of the craziest and most amazing tattoo designs for men and women - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

side full body tattoo, dream catcher american Indian etch - looking for a new tattoo idea? The girls names in the feathers????

Awesome "French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients’ bodies. It is quite impressive how he is able to create different textures with a tattoo machine."

This website has a bunch of specially made temporary tattos..I love this colorwheel!