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gruntman DeFino I don't think its a weiner dog but I still thought of you :) haha

u r da wind   beneaf mai earz!

u r da wind beneaf mai earz!

Too funny!!!!

Cocktail Wieners (duo) Tile Coaster

A red and a black and tan Piebald Dachshund soak in a dry martini. Cocktail Wieners liven up any party!

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Doxi Love

This is a spoof of the soft kitty song that Penny sings to Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory "Soft Wiener, Warm Wiener, Little Ball of Fur.

Super Dachshund Long 11x21 Multi

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Santa Dachshund

*the one with the embryos* Ross: "what is Monica biggest per peeve?" Joey: "animals dressed as humans!" Ross: that's correct" LOL I heart Monica but I disagree, animals dressed as humans crack me up!


Dachshund--- we just love our Daisy who is everything this posts says she is!

dachshund shaming 9

I love my mommy and daddy sssooo much i give them methane cuddles everynight.

A yup

Or even a doxie mix! It's all in the genes baby! Funny picture quotes With Dachshunds , Doxies , Wiener dogs, Wienies