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Fun in the snow. This is when they get carried into the house and placed in the bath tub and sprayed with warm water. It's the only way to get all those snow balls off!

"I love the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!" says my dog and every other golden retriever

Hahahaha - Honey loved the snow and would make tunnels through it in the yard only to come in with golf-ball sized snow clumps when she could no longer walk easily. She knew the drill of dipping feet into the warm water tub to melt the snow and rubbing down with the big towel just inside the back door.

Reminds me of children climbing on the jungle gym.

Dashing through the snow #jrts jack Russell terrier puppies

Use pictures & journal writing to reinforce the following skills: Use Prior Knowledge, Visualization, Questioning, Predicting, Draw Conclusions, Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, Fact & Opinion, Main Idea & Details & Sequence.

I always thought it would be fun to swim in one of the zoo tanks. The water always looks so clear and refreshing!