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    LOL seriously!




    This sums up parking on campus.

    This is seriously priceless!!! That makes me like her!

    Jump in the pool they said...

    This is literally the best pin ever

    It's true pretty much. lol I've seen it!



    lol, so true

    Best Of, “No Time To Explain” Meme – 24 Pics

    OMG!! This is NOT funny, but for some reason I cant stop laughing. This is actually a real book!! What the...??


    Sometimes--but not usually--people on tumblr write really cool things.

    Funny Useless Signs oh man my ribs hurt from laughing at the no swimming if you can't swim sign.

    I was laughing my ass off at so many hilarious posts, and then I come across this... It's extremely depressing that I can't even tell if that person was joking or not seeing as there's an overly large amount of idiots in the world nowadays... 😒

    Rare Photos Of Legendary People... This might change the way you picture some of these famous people