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The coral reef consists of many animals including brittle stars (a type of star fish) and sponges.

Seven wonders of the natural world – in pictures

The Aussies are justifiably proud of the largest coral reef on earth – the Great Barrier Reef. It can be seen from space and is believed to be the world’s biggest single structure made from living organisms. Composed of some 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands, it stretches for 1,616 miles and is strung out over 133,000 square miles of the Coral Sea in Queensland, north east Australia.

Gabon Expedition: Oil Rigs Are a Haven for Marine Life

Nos zambullimos de la costa de Gabón, bajo plataformas misteriosas del aceite. Aquí allí asombra la vida marítima, como la medusa en la foto, con unas docenas de pequeño pescado de plata entre sus tentáculos largos.