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My girlfriend is not allowed to..

girlfriend is not allowed to. My Favorite One Is the milkshake bring boys to the yard

I remember my mom telling me this joke when I was little and I thought it was hilarious because there was a girl in my class named Denise

I love Greys Anatomy. I have heard this joke before, and although it is corny, I still find it funny. Put those two together and it makes the joke so much better :D

Neil deGrasse Tyson

This is going to make me look extra stupid, but how is the alphabet one in alphabetical order? ABCD is alphabetical order.

Dress For Dinner Napkins, because dad can be messy sometimes (especially when it comes to BBQ sauced ribs). @Michael Dussert Aram

Turn any dinner party into a top notch black tie event with this fun idea. Dress for Dinner Napkins by Hector Serrano

It's so random and cute.

Ward's Random Picture Dump

little green frog in hand 12 Dwarven tadpoles, someone photoshop frog's stick branch into a banjo right now, banjo playing tiny frog in hand Mumfrog and Sons - I'm dying!

Funny Tumblr posts. I snorted and kicked something when I read this....I need to go to sleep

I am the alpha

" I snorted and kicked something when I read this.I need to go to sleep" this whole thing is hilarious