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  • Francesca Robertson

    Crystal rain drops

  • Karen Leon

    crystal balls

  • Mig Wilder

    25 Dark Champagne Glass Crystal Drops 38mm Champagne Glass Crystal Chandelier Parts Champagne Crystal Beads Brown Glass Chandelier Crystals by SparkleSoiree on Etsy

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Beelitz-Heilstatten - The Ruins in the rain photo by sophos9

When it's raining and the sun is still shining.. Petrichor is the name for the scent of rain on dry earth. The term was coined in 1964 by two Australian researchers. The smell derives from an oil exuded by certain plants during dry periods, whereupon it is absorbed by clay-based soils and rocks. During rain, the oil is released into the air along with another compound, geosmin, producing the distinctive scent. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

I, for one am much too familiar with rain from my childhood(0-12) in London, here in Florida the rain isn't quite the same, over here the rain isn't constant and the whole time it will be sunny but that is so different from England. I don't know whether I miss it or not really :3 Sorry to bore you all with my life stories :D

I hear you, Rain You are so lovely and soft. I almost didn't notice that you had crept in; I'm so glad you did. Your rhythms soothe and calm me. I am thankful for your sounds, musical, but free from thought. Fall down on me. Fall down On me

*The space between...the tears we the laughter keeps us coming back for more...* - DMB

And just in case things are not blue enough, another close who knows where the bodies are...moved today. I wish you joy in the big city and hope you know the impression you left on my life. Denver's gain, I hope is your gain too. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you Nat.

Their is just something about a rainy day that makes me think about life. Sitting alone, in the rain is the place be when you're feeling a bit introspective, which is why I just love this photo.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 98 Pics

beautiful's nice to be reminded what it looks like; we just don't get that much here.

Fritillaria tenella © Sandra Bartocha; I grew these this year. They were delicate beauties.