Watched this the other night - it brought back LOADS of memories!

One, Two, Three billy #wilder James #cagney

Mean Girls

Rear Window | Artist: Arian Behzadi - Grace Kelly and James Stewart were a great combo in this movie

Accattone - Pier Paolo Pasolini

Magnolia poster by César Valença - one of my all time fave movies.

The Birds Alfred Hitchcock Tippi Hedrin 1963 Movie Poster Download Restored Classic Movie Prints No 1463. $1.00, via Etsy.

Rebecca *****

La Notte (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961) La fin d'un amour, l'ennui qui ronge Jeanne Moreau, sa soif de légèreté, l'insoutenable indifférence de Mastroianni en écrivain dandy, les dernières 24 heures de la vie de ce couple à Milan. Et Vitti qui apparaît et préfigure L'eclisse...

The Thrill Of It All with James Garner & Doris Day. They had such great chemistry!

The Graduate

3 new banners for Fury, feat. Brad Pitt, @LoganLerman, @thecampaignbook, Jon Bernthal & @realmichaelpena

The King's Speech - Tom Hooper © Sanasini

Anything Dan Brown

The King's Speech - Tom Hooper © Travis Cooper


The Lives of Others - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

The Usual Suspects - Bryan Singer © Matt Owen

Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino © Mike Sapienza


When Winter Screams - Lee Samuel