FASTEST way to separate eggs using a water bottle! :)

Place unrolled crescent rolls in separate muffin tins. Fill with chocolate chips/hershey kisses, marshmallows, and crushed up graham crackers. Fold to close. Cook at 350 F for approx. 15 minutes.

Add a splash of vinegar to the water, lower eggs gently when boiling and set timer for 17 minutes...the shell will peel all in one swoop every time!

Take any bottle of soda, and get it to freeze on command! This "super cool" trick works with cans of soda as well. To see my other project videos, check out:

For easy pancake designs..... also for storing pancake batter so you can make only a few pancakes at a time. Genius idea!

I'll have to try this with farm eggs - I always have trouble getting the shell off cleanly when I hard boil them.

A simple and useful guide to using egg replacers in your baking. #allergyfriendly

Citrus infusing water bottles!

Healthy deviled eggs without the mayo and also help you get energized for your workout!!!

Chick Egg White Separator

如何巧妙分离蛋清蛋黄 Very cool way to separate yolk from egg white!

Freeze green onions in water bottles - shake out the right amount and return to the freezer! This is great! You always have to buy so many green onions and recipes usually never call for more than 3 stalks.

How to Boil an Egg PerfectlyHow does an over-cooked egg with a rubbery white and a grey ring around the chalky yolk sound? Not good. But unfortunately that's how they are so often prepared. Here is the way to boil an egg perfectly: no breakage, a firm but tender white and a soft creamy yolk. I'll also give you tips to cater the cooking time for a boiled egg that’s cooked to YOUR perfection!

Super Quick Video Tips: How to Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever - I'd never heard of this before!

Did you know that adding 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the water makes hard boiled eggs easier to peel? I tried it and it works. For quick process add to a bowl, cover the eggs with water, cover and shake to peel off the shell.

How to peel an egg

▶ How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling | Tim Ferriss - YouTube

Use boiling water instead of tap water to make clear ice. Great for putting fruit, flowers or surprises in.

Tell if an Egg is Bad--Place egg in bowl of cold water 2 x deeper than egg. Fresh sink to the bottom on their sides. Slightly older lie on the bottom but bob slightly. If egg balances on its small end, w large tip up, it’s appx 3 wks old. Eggs that float on the surface shouldn't be eaten. - I always wondered how to know if an egg was still good or not.

Did you know you have been storing your lemons the wrong way!!!!! It turns out there is a better way to store lemons that you probably have never heard of before. Click through to see how you should store your lemons the right way! #TheHacksOfLife AD

How to boil the perfect egg with no grey ring around the yolk