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21 MindBlowing Surreal Paintings and Creative Illustrations by Tim OBrien

21 Awesome and Surreal Paintings and Editorial Art works by Tim OBrien gefunden auf gepinned von der Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler aus Hamburg mehr Infos unter

from Honestly WTF

Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

i have this weird idea that a character could have like hair that changes colour dependent on the mood. maybe like this colour scheme idk. /the dank meme babblings/

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Katsuhiro Otomo. #Art #Sculpture #Installation

from My Modern Met

Incredible Spatial Sculptures Using Colorful Suspended Buttons

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel realistically duplicates objects by suspending thousands of sewing buttons on mere strings. Each strand of his incredible sculptural pieces work with their adjacent string of buttons to create colorful replicas of everything, from a basic geometric cube to a stone fountain covered in flowers and spouting water.

In this awesome artwork by Craig Alan, people are the pixels in this tribute to the iconic portrait of Audrey Hepburn. Why do the red lips cast red shadows? Probably because staying true and having black shadows would ruin the famous red lips. This work was featured at the International Art Expo in New York as a 48×60 print on canvas.