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this key must have belonged to something very dear and precious. I think maybe even something papal.

I would love to have a Curiosity Cabinet for my growing collection of macabre items :-)

François Brunery - Mannequin d’atelier en bois avec une collerette, c.1900.

Photo by Jeff Knight Potter for “The Best of Kage Baker”

Tea cups and fortune telling...Perfect combination of my interests. Must learn tasseography MUST!

Vintage pierrot & ?fortune teller? No information.

via odditiesoflife: Fairies, Nymphs, & Demons - A Bizarre Collection of Strange Specimens The specimens of Alex CF feature an incredible collection of cryptozoology. His page features amazing stories behind his collection that include descriptions of demons, fairies, nymphs, and other assorted oddities. His pieces are for sale.

Séance c. 1912 Electric ectoplasm and a strange object on the head of the medium. Reproduced image.

On June 22nd 2013 the theme is the Big Top Circus comes to town! At DUKES, 18 - 20 Houndsditch, Liverpool St/Aldgate, London EC3A 7DB.

Oooooh. Want to buy some green bottles and put a light behind for my new bookshelf!!

*...Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father...*