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Thin blacklines Favorite and devoutly-followed Japanese creative collective Nendo is about to stage its first solo UK exhibit during next week’s London Design Festival, presented in two parts: at the Saatchi Gallery and by Phillips de Pury & Company’s London Headquarters. True to form, Nendo’s new series, called Thin Black Lines, turns everyday objects upside-down, with a line of 29 minimal furnishings made from steel and inspired by Japanese calligraphy.

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DIY: Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture DIY - Measure and cut mirrors w/ a glass cutter (score and snap the pieces off) Apply mirror mastic to the back of the mirror pieces and press them firmly onto the furniture piece. Do large pieces first. Clean with acetone to remove all the excess mirror mastic. Apply grout to soften jagged edges and fill in any tiny gaps you may have. Remove the extra grout with a damp cloth. #DIY #homedecor #mirror

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Полезные вещи из старого хлама

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15 plus 10 Unique Furniture Design Ideas, Designer Furniture for Modern Interiors

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