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How I feel when people try to talk about shows or movies, if they haven't read the books first.

This is why I don’t ride public transportation

Thank goodness that's there because I would've done the same thing

First day of college photo…

"Woke up, half asleep, opened the door to the bathroom and my heart dropped down to my balls. Well played, roommate"

here's to hoping my children don't inherit my hatred of all bugs

Found this at a local book store and tried not to choke. I have a sick sense of humor. It reminds me of... well... me. Yeah, I'm a snarky little cutesicle. ^-^ I do believe in saying everything with a smile whenever possible. Even if it is something absolutely ridiculous like this. I will get a couple double takes, but it amuses me. We gotta have a laugh at very least once a day! 1/23/2012

Men are pretty convinced that women are unknowable. Here's one of the more humorous ways of saying that!

I use quick dry topcoat, so I am never helpless...LOL