Explore Duck Plays, It S Waterproof, and more!

Plug your iPod into the egg. Then the duck plays your music on the bathtub wirelessly (and it's waterproof!)!

This convenient citrus juicer fits over standard water bottles! Clever product!

What? Love!

Sleek dock charges your iPad, iPhone and iPod without cords. Great gift for me!

Retro Radio


pig.. muliti-plug adaptor

Composing made easy. Just write your music then the board will play it back for you!

Plug into outlet, then pick up music from iPad to play throughout house. http://www. coolest-gadgets.com/20061219/tiny-plug-into-the-outlet-speakers/

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker listen to music while showering! Need I say more... No.

Long distance pillows. They light up when the other person is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat. <3 Oh. My. Gosh.

For Droid though!

iphone projector.

iPhone horn speaker stand

Handy plug that detects when your gadgets’ batteries are full and automatically cuts the power. So you’re not wasting money or consuming power when there’s nothing connected!

Magic wand remote control, I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! Controls tv, dvd player, ipod docking station, light, maybe more! Watch link!!!

The PocketBand is a silicone band which features a secret pouch for money, keys, or other small belongings. Just turn it inside-out, put the item in the waterproof pocket, flip it back, and wear it! Now,, its easy for you to carry your small belongings when you go for a jog, swim, hit the beach or engage in other activities. Designer: PocketBands

Mac BookBook Case - of all the macbook cases this one is probably my favorite.

$4.00 Great stocking stuffer!

Wine Purse - who doesn't want a wine purse?