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Do you know that the FOOD PYRAMID has been replaced by MY PLATE? It's a better guide to watch what we're eating since it's more realistic. We eat on a plate and not on a pyramid. Also, it has a better picture on how we should exactly pack our lunches to school or work, or serve our meals at home. And this made my Bento container perfectly align to the guidelines of MY PLATE.

New MyPlate instead of Food Pyramid - talk about nutrition. Thanks you from and the USDA

Dora printable charts & checklists including an awesome booklet on the food pyramid, chore chart, bedtime check list and more!

The my plate lesson I made. Each day we focused on a different food group and added food from a paper of that food group. At the end of the week we placed them on construction paper and laminated them therefore turning them into placemats :-)