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Absolutely ADORE these bird-on-a-wire map paintings.

Birds on a Wire - @Jeanne....I read the title of this board as 'sewer' like where waste goes!! lol!! I thought you were going to put dirty stuff's so gone.

Kimocrow by Beth Billups (Disclosure: that is not the real name, but I do wish it to be so)

Flying cranes thru infinite sunrise. This fabric is probably Japanese due to the figures, but I have African fabric that also show repeating motifs like these.

I'm a total contradiction - - real birds - nah...but pictures, ornaments etc - - I'm there

Fat little birdies, with skinny little birdies. by Takeo Takei.

WOW! Oh how colorful. The bird is so Lifelike. Awesome work of art. ! !