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WAYS TO GET TO A GIRL'S HEART 1. Hug her from behind. 2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other. 3. When standing, wrap your arms around her. 4. Cuddle with her. 5. Dont force her to do ANYTHING! 6. Write little notes. 7. Compliment her. 8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible. 9. Say I love you.....and MEAN IT! 10. Brush the hair out of her eyes 11. Comfort her when she cries. 12. Love her with all your heart.

Ownage - mygirl<3Roses are red, Violets are blue, You are my boyfriend And I love you!<3thanks babe, love you too<3...But the roses are wilting, The violets are dead, I heard you've been cheating, I'll knock off your head.ah, about that...

Relationships - JeremyHi boyfriend! Wanna hang out tomorrow?Sure! I'd love to hang out... boyfriend :) <3Wait! that's supposed to say best friend!OMG! Ur gay too?!Yes, and now I have a boyfriend :)Thank you autocorrect!


Upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0

Dear tech support // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Relationships - BoyfriendHey, remember that sweatshirt I borrowed a while ago?yeah...what about it?just letting you know, the only reason you'll ever get that back is because it's lost its scent.I'll expect it back as soon as you have made it smell like you.That's fine, mostly because once it comes back, it smells like you :)awwwwwwww Good answer ;D