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Photomaton, Paris, ca. 1980. Photo by Jean-François Jonvelle. #bw #black #white #photography #lavieennoiretblanc #noir #blanc

In the story, the color black and white is represented in many different ways. This picture symbolizes white as knowledge. This can be related to the Night Circus when Celia and Marco finally came to the realization that they were opponents in the challenge and one of them was meant to die.

The world as I think about it, always needs to say Goodnite, or hello, or goodbye, or nothing at all and fill in the gaps...something substantial, to find or have something substantial. For us babes, I remember we didn't need to say anything at all. For words didn't make the moment, the moment was there, relived over lifetimes... We just locked eyes and stared... Smiled and the glow growing so big, we were like wow!!! The only moment where I was like... Hmmm let me bend over backwards for…

ALEKSANDR MUNAEV * Russia * ** Black and White Photography ~ woman