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Romney's claim that he would "replace" ObamaCares, rather than just repeal it, appears to be nothing but empty rhetoric. Here are just some of the benefits of ObamaCares that disappear if Romney gets his wish.

Romney: 'We Don't Have People Who Die Because They Don't Have Insurance." Actually, Mitt, 45,000 people die in America each year, one every 12 minutes, because they lack health insurance. But keep promising to repeal Obamacare, which makes it possible for 32 million more people to have health care which would cut that number of deaths down significantly.

Pink Slip Mitt Romney Admits He Disdains Nearly Half of the US | Winning Progressive Pink Slip Mitt has a lot to answer for after his statements about personal responsibility, who pays taxes, and people who feel they are "entitled" to food, housing, and health care.

Mitt Romney has been pushing two major falsehoods that received media attention: A) President Obama removed work requirements from welfare. B) The health care reform bill "cuts" $ 716 billion from Medicare. Many mainstream media outlets debunked these false claims -- naturally Fox and WSJ repeatedly failed to do so. The AP corrected the claims less than 50% of the time.

Matt Taibbi Reveals How Romney Made His Fortune -- It Ain't Pretty, and He Shouldn't Be Proud of It | Alternet

Let’s do away with the ridiculous myth that 47 percent of Americans are tax-evading moochers. Of the 46 percent of Americans who were expected to pay no federal income tax in 2011, more than 60 percent of them were working and contributing payroll taxes -- which means they paid a higher effective tax rate on their income than Romney does -- and an additional 20 percent were elderly. So more than 80 percent were either working or past retirement age. Read more from Ezra Klein


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Grover against Romney

Grover Norquist - Romney Will Do As He's Told | Winning Progressive

Romney refuses to release any of the Reports on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBARs, that he almost certainly had to file with the IRS because of, among other things, the $3 million Swiss bank account that Romney had.

Death Panels: The Lie that Won't Die - Conservatives have been using a 10-year-old child in need of an organ transplant as a prop for their latest lies about ObamaCare.

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Reverse the perverse corporate ethic of fat CEO pay

ECONned, Part II: Shadows of a Crash | Winning Progressive Pt. 2 of NCrissie B's series on the book ECONned, this time focusing on how blind faith in the dogma of self-correcting markets led to the 2008 financial meltdown.

6 more corporations dump ALEC

NYC Joins List of Cities to Rebuke Citizens United, Bogus Concept of “Corporate Personhood”

NELP finds that “two-thirds of low-wage workers are employed by companies with over 100 employees.” (Captain Obvious rejoices!)

GE Now Averaging 2.3% Tax Rate Over the Last Ten Years Despite Taxpayer-Funded Bailout

The Disenfranchising Games #palabor #awakefl