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    Romney's claim that he would "replace" ObamaCares, rather than just repeal it, appears to be nothing but empty rhetoric. Here are just some of the benefits of ObamaCares that disappear if Romney gets his wish.

    Death Panels: The Lie that Won't Die - Conservatives have been using a 10-year-old child in need of an organ transplant as a prop for their latest lies about ObamaCare.

    Fox priorities

    Mitt, your teenage rebellion is about fifty years too late.

    6 more corporations dump ALEC

    NYC Joins List of Cities to Rebuke Citizens United, Bogus Concept of “Corporate Personhood”

    ECONned, Part II: Shadows of a Crash | Winning Progressive Pt. 2 of NCrissie B's series on the book ECONned, this time focusing on how blind faith in the dogma of self-correcting markets led to the 2008 financial meltdown.

    Reverse the perverse corporate ethic of fat CEO pay

    GE Now Averaging 2.3% Tax Rate Over the Last Ten Years Despite Taxpayer-Funded Bailout

    Workers Comp