Yes. Lola is the best Nose Artist... @Judi Persyn @Nicole Lindell


Oh geez. Can't say dot or Ty haven't ever given this one! Gotta love em

My dogs....*

Every dog owner needs a place for all of their dogs accessories! We have a great selection of dog leash hangers in our shop! Were expanding it with

Make your own DIY paw wax and nose conditioner. Does your dog have dry or cracked paw pads? This wax will help keep their paws nice and soft!

Best help I've found on building your own dog ramp!! Must make this for Bruno!


Funny animals, funny pets ...For more humor visit

Organized crime.

❤ So very true.

I need one of these

3 signs your pet may have seasonal allergies #infographic

so true :)

Good Morning. Doggie alarm clock. Don't make eye contact. That's the key to staying in bed longer! Lol

silly dog toys

While I was out of the car for less than 10 seconds to mail a letter, Cooper locked me out of the car and then ate my carryout Chinese food and pizza while I was trying to call locksmith. My phone was locked in the car too, so the horrified ladies at the bakery across the street made the call!

Definitely. We probably started at #3.

When I cry, our Lab tries to comfort me. She's my kid's adventure buddy and my guy's hiking companion. Thank you for all the love and happiness your bring us, my furry friend.