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"Lo normal es una ilusión. Lo que es normal para una araña es el caos para una mosca"- Morticia Addams

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Everything is going to be OK (with flowers) - small print

Yes, amen.

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8X10 inch print, Gordon B. Hinckley Quote

It's real and real pretty.

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Calligraphy Art Print - Everything Beautiful - 8 x 10

Calligraphy Art Print - Everything Beautiful - 8 x 10 || ShannonKirsten || Etsy Want something like this? Contact us at Or visit our website at! #typography #fonts #typefaces #design #art #creative #quotes

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We do

Love the idea of something like this on the wall. Except maybe not loud? I don't need any more noise right now, and I'd hate to encourage my kids to increase their volume.

It was 2 years ago today that I fell in love with you. Just hanging out with you in the garage and listening to music. Looking at ur smile and knowing how amazing you are.




All women can relate, and even one is far too many. #Yesallwomen

e.e. cummings - I love you much (most beautiful darling) more than anyone on the earth and I like you better everything in the sky.

Kind of depressing that the first thing that pops into my head while reading this is my paper on politics and mass media in my politics seminar. I feel sorry for myself 😄

5. #compter sur votre #force intérieure - 7 #citations pour vous tenir au #chic, impertinent mais #jamais Trash... → #Inspiration

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End of Season Clearance Halloween Tags Set

Wise words