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Did a tweet from @LinkedIn help keep its stock from tanking? I wonder: http://t.co/b74EJVMM

Storify co-founder Burt Herman stopped by CNBC Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and we thought, "What better way to share all the news than by Storifying the special event?" And Storify it we did... Click the photo to read!

Must-See: Bubba Watson discusses his journey to winning 1.44 million dollars at the 2012 Masters, his marketable name, if he MUST wear the green jacket and even putts live on CNBC. WATCH WHAT BUBBA DID BEFORE INTERVIEW: http://cnb.cx/HyP4Qh WATCH INTERVIEW: http://cnb.cx/HZBxho

LinkedIn launches a new homepage design that is very similar to Facebook's homepage. Some say the change may translate to increased revenues & higher stock price.

Leave it to CNBC's Darren Rovell to tweet about the world's longest curly fry. It came from an Arby's.

A new customer service company helping businesses like Groupon, Mcdonald's and Sephora manage the flood of Facebook posts and tweets from their customers. Watch interview with CEO of Conversocial, Joshua March, here.

CNBC revealed a Twicker (Twitter Ticker) on the night of our televised Presidential debate. Note the tweets on the bottom of the screen.

Should Twitter give users the ability to edit tweets? CNBC's @EliFromBrooklyn ponders. STORY: http://cnb.cx/HHHwdi

Do you think Twitter will be around in 10 years? CNBC's @EliFromBrooklyn ponders...

If ever, how often should someone change their Twitter avatar? The responses: http://t.co/FRru6cgE

How would "The 3 Little Pigs" story be covered today? This is a must-see.