Lots of great printable and game ideas

Mrs. King's Music Room: Hear it! Clap it! Write it!-2nd Grade ( Rhythmic dictation ... why wait until they are older ? ) Great idea!

Lots of great printables for organizing, etc.

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Notable Music Studio: Games

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Note value relay game, and some other ideas for music games that get kids moving!

remote control variety and other cool music ed ideas.

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Violet's Music: Angela Johnson, Laura Huliska-Beith: 9780803727403: Amazon.com: Books

Notable Music Studio: Games. This is a WONDERFUL blog! LOTS of great ideas! Make sure you look down through the labels for more great ideas!

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Music Olympics - Music baseball!

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Teaching music notes (count) using legos- should've thought of this a year or two ago!

Note Race Game

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Music teacher's blog with great song and game ideas/Shower Curtain Staff

Notable Music Studio: Games

I like this game because the board could be used over and over while modifying the game. If you land on blue, read the note. If you land on yellow, read the rhythm. But, you could easily use the same game boards and change the rules for yellow and blue.