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A waving hand and goodbye paragraph. Could also be a good back to school bulletin board. Kids write about themselves as an introduction...then the waving picture is inviting!

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity - This has been a Morris Grove tradition for many years! Love doing it each spring with my kiddos. The book was written by students in Durham, NC.

Greek and Latin Root of the Week {Rolodex & Daily Practice Activities}

Such a simple idea for Greek and Latin Roots!!! Posting the root word wheel outside of my door, it acts as a “Password” as my 5th graders enter into my classroom. Each morning, students lead a simple, 3-5 minute activity working with our root - recording it, listing it, picturing it, chanting it, and teaching it.

Paragraph of the Week: Improve Student Writing

Read about how "Paragraph of the Week" writing homework helped improve my students' writing!

Let Me Take a Selfie - Character Traits Activity w/ Bulletin Board Banner

Students will reveal their character traits and draw a self portrait. Differentiated printables and "Let Me Take (Draw) a Selfie" banner included to make a simple yet spectacular Back to School bulletin board.

Teaching main idea and supporting details with a paper bag. (Model first, ie stuff to make brownies. Then students create own in groups or solo providing clues for others to guess their main idea. This can be done with other classmates or present to younger class).

Bursting with abstract shapes and colors, our Hello Playtime collection is filled with unexpected patterns and icons, plus a touch of 80s nostalgia. The Land of Nod’s newest collection is brimming with kids bedroom and playroom ideas. Adding pops of color is easy with storage, rugs and décor. Plus, don’t forget lighting and furniture to round off the look. If a child’s imagination could decorate, it would totally look like this room.