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Lace Tape


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  • Chloë Breuillé

    Designer #LaceTape

  • Albertina Longstaff

    Unique DIY Craft Ideas | This is such a cute embellishment! Lollipops and bendy straw for ...

  • Silvia Lasmar

    Lace packing tape...

  • Carmen Serrano

    Designer Tape. I have this top Lace one. Very interesting, I use it to giftwrap things all the time. It adds a nice touch.

  • Sheila VerandahLady

    Lace Tape Suitable for ALL purposes, this lace printed packaging tape will make anything special. 2" x 55yds - black lace or white. Lace Tape is now available. designer: Karl Zahn

  • Susie Jones-Benson

    Designer Lace Tape Packaging and gift wrapping need not be boring. This pretty tape is perfect for all your packaging needs.

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Lace tape. This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Im pretty sure if I owned this fantastic tape, I'd have lace tape on everything... including myself.

I have never heard of "Lace Tape" but I absolutely ADORE THIS! I can think of all kinds of rustic tins and things that would look awesome, with lace tape on it!

GENIUS: Take lace and put it on transparent tape. Great gift wrap idea or decoration for presents. --- Use this to put around bottles of water at the wedding...

Cute Gift Wrap! "Wrap your gift in craft paper, then cut a piece of lace to fit around the box, and fasten on with hot glue gun. Easy peasy! "

Mod Podge lace onto container - this creates such a gorgeous texture! Think of how you could then spray paint these different colors. LOVE this idea!!

Doily Paper Tape + Fabric Stiffener would make super cute bracelets

(via oh, hello friend: you are loved.: inspire, lovely / pretty package:)

Lotta Jansdotter has her own sets of patterned washi tape. Made in Japan. 6 Sets to choose from. Ships from the USA.

washi tape. I love the bottom one, with the starburst design, best; I wish I could buy it in Germany. Too bad that the few times I find a place over here that sells any washi tape, they always have the boring ones, from the same manufacturer, and never this design.

transparent lace tape (to decorate glass jars w/ votives) this could be really handy! -- so many uses for this