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    Inspiration.... I don't think there is, was or will be one person that will live their life with no regrets....but why force regret down your own throat? Each of us are unique individuals...and no one else will ever be as good at being you as you!

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    Inspiration... We all meet people that actually live the old saying "misery loves company"... make this YOUR life and really live... Life IS Great!!!

    Don't regret....

    Inspiration... It's amazing just how strong a person's easier said than done but don't underestimate yourself


    Inspiration... My Mom always told me that if you life everything about your job/career your not doing it right...meaning...the good comes with the bad and the bad with the good.

    Live your life!

    All time words to live by. Do what you love, make wise decisions and regret nothing.

    Breathe in...

    so true

    How we live life depends on our knowledge of who we are

    Good words to live by - wisdom for life

    Inspiration... If I could keep this in mind my stress level would be greatly reduced... :)

    Inspiration... If you don't.... you will... This is true in everything...for every action there is a reaction...for every non action there is idol time...some people say they're "stuck in a rut"...if you do nothing you stay where you are.

    words to live by

    Words to live by.

    The best day of your life....

    An adventurous life


    Rumi; one of my life mottos...if we enjoy beauty in our lives and DO what we love, we WILL be living!!!

    That is why I write and do what I do; I can't help but LIVE out the lessons to life that I have learned...we are ALL walking examples of something. May my life be a walking encouragement to others...♥