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Keanu Reeves

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+++ Tell me all the things you've discovered about yourself after all these years of searching. Marianna Paige +++ (chicfoo) keanu

The Truth About Keanu Reeves

Keanu most original first

Keanu Reeves.Okay he may not be attractive now but most definitely was!How I miss the Speed and Matrix days.sigh..

Keanu Reeves, I'm sorry if you think he's a bad actor, I find him incredibly sexy.

Who else envisions this as a better washed, younger and less pained Snape? I ♥ me some Snape though. Even with his greasy locks.

No, he can't act, but he is easy on the eyes.

Keanu Reeves is seeking a possibly less comfortable but newer chair

Keanu Reeves by Amanda de Cadenet

WHY DO WE LOVE KEANU? Because shots like this make us want to sit and talk to him for hours... (chicfoo) keanu