Bahaha! This made me laugh so hard!

Ahhh, I hate when that happens. And I just get frustrated because people won't listen, so then the words come out all wrong, and then by the end of the story everyone's definitely not listening.

teenager post? Pretty sure I did this till I was about 20. Moms know what's wrong with you better than you do!

makes me sad:(

yes. it's NOT that hard.

You know, that is a ridiculously good point.


my life.


hahahahhah im gonna do this now lololololololol





Story of my LIFE. It's like my voice evaporates :)

They either say " yeah that freaking weird shy future serial killer " or "yeah that shy sweet girl with nice fashion , she's a little anti but she's a good person ." Lol I heard both

I did that two days ago with my friend. I knew what happened, but I just pretended I didn't know because I didn't want to think.

teenager post #030


Teenage Post im a brunette but naturally blonde so im usually late on things and by the time i notice everyone is staring at me including the teachers so i just say, hi

TEENAGER POST... YESSS!!! i feel this way all the TIME!!!!