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  • Christy Kozeliski

    Light in the Darkness Inspirational Quote

  • Ebone Watkins

    Wow! Food for thought...

  • Cynthia Beal

    great words... sometimes I feel bad going to my friends for something, but this says it all.... my friends are the light I need when the darkness shrouds me

  • Courtney Minaj

    Just be careful to realize the difference between being a "candle in the darkness" and being a "convenient friend".

  • Queen Mary

    You are the candle that leads out of the darkness.... by Wall Photos. A good point of view

  • emily powell

    a candle in the darkness - this is a VERY different, POSITIVE way of looking at things. I need to remember this. I think we all need to remember this.

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There's never enough time. But time is so relative, therefore we must make the most of it. Because when it's time to say goodbye, our life begins once again and then, time is infinite. But it's the time we spend with certain people and things on this planet that make time seem short and never enough.

i want to put this on my bathroom mirror, or somewhere i will always see it just in case i have one of those days

philosophy in my blogging, teaching, sharing, training. :) #tenfold

Sometimes "real" is our desire for a particular and preferred frame of reference to materialize. Our expectations may cause us to spend years believing the frame will be realized only because we once had it and want it again. Real is when we cease to wait for something to frame up. Waiting =/= Living. ~Zest of Life

When God give you a "no", give Him a "Thank You". He was protecting you from less than His best.

I usually don't care much for sappy quotes, but I always need to be reminded of this. Coveting is ugly, and, if left unattended, grows into jealousy. And jealousy can grossly interfere with God's plan for your life, but, even worse, it can interfere with His plan for someone else's life.

Today was one of those days where I reacted badly to a setback and realised that was what made the setback worse. Reading encouraging words to use as affirmations for when future setbacks pop up so I don't repeat the same mistake

What I'm starting to see is that I've been doing this alone from the start. #truth

You can't push me around any longer!

For a greater understanding of this, read cell biologist Bruce Lipton's book: "The Biology of Belief: How Thoughts Control Our Life." Also you can read any books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.