Morphine came to prominence during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and led to what was termed the "soldier's disease," or morphine addiction.

What someone with PTSD does not need are a bunch of pamphlets sent by a nonprofessional, explaining what PTSD is....just awful! The person with PTSD knows what it is and only wants information concerning it to come from a medical professional.

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diet SODA drinkers suffer the same exact health problems as those who opt for regular soda, such as excessive Weight Gain, type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Stroke.

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One of my friends is getting a PTSD dog in June. I'm hopeful it will help him out of the darkness!

Doctors dispensed morphine pills and powders to Civil War soldiers and veterans. Hollings Smith Co

Description of August 1943: Wounded American soldiers are seen as they lie aboard a lighter onshore at Munda Point, New Georgia island. (AP Photo)

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Maybe not the human flesh part... Unless it's metaphorical like they're trying to make them robotic soldiers and the thirst to feel human again is killing them... THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!

Visiting Valley Forge helps bring history alive! #valleyforge #backyardtourist

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Beware… Drink only approved water. Never give a germ a break! Photomontage. War Department, United States, 1944. A soldier, about to drink from a microbe-infested jungle stream, is surprised to see in the reflection his face transformed into a figure of death.

Somewhere, buried deep within the Earth, are 99 others, just like me.

Sweet Chestnut Flower Fairy Vintage Print by Cicely Mary Barker printed c.1950 – The Sweet Chestnut Flower Fairy is one of Cicely Barkers Tree Flower Fairies.

A vote for hillary is a vote for new world order and muslim brotherhood! Her campaign is funded by the bilderberg group and the muslim brotherhood! She thinks sharia law is liberating for women, so much for women's rights

cemetery at Andersonville

Sometimes it's hard to push through the struggles, but you have to keep moving.

Three unidentified New Zealand servicemen riding camels during World War I, the Sphinx and a pyramid in the background. (James McAllister/National Library of New Zealand) #

No one came to help; they were used to seeing bodies in the streets.

The life of chronic pain/ Fibromyalgia • I wish I had a dr to help me manage my pain instead of complaining that all my other caregivers aren't, HELLO!!! When will any of you listen to me say "PLEASE! CALL MY OTHER DRS!!"?

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital building complex - The Ruins in the Rain